Making Scents From Your Vacation

If the travel bug has you bitten, Bec Trattos explores a unique Australian take-home.

Australia, an island 9,429 miles (15 175 km) from the USA. You have come so far, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, experienced the culture that is Melbourne Coffee, cuddled a koala and got too sunburnt on one of the thousands of beaches.

Souvenir Australian Candles.As you pack your suitcase for the lengthy journey home, you wonder how you will forever remember your Australian vacation?

You count off all the relatives and friends expecting a little something from your trip down under.

What can you possibly buy to satisfy your wanderlust? How can a simple souvenir express this exotic place, yet evoke familiarity?

Keiora Candles have the solution.

Inspired by scents of Australia, Keiora Candles have produced a bespoke range of luxury Australiana Candle Travel Tins. The perfect keepsake for you or gift for those at home.

Keiora Candles’ soy candles use fragrant blends inspired by Australia’s native flora and fauna. These candles will fill your home with a scent to remember your perfect vacation.

Ditch the kitsch souvenirs for an elegant, handmade authentic Australian product.Keiora Candles’ Australiana Travel Tins are the perfect souvenir. These hand poured, soy candles are of high quality and Australian made, a rarity in the souvenir market.

Adorned with authentic indigenous artwork, the candle tins are durable and perfect to pack or post. There will be no disappointment when you arrive home, as your Keiora candle will still be in one piece.

Keiora Candles’ curated Travel Tins become a practical, yet beautiful keepsake once your candle has been used.

With exclusive blends such as Banksia Bergamot, Kakadu Plum and Bush Cucumber, Keiora Candles have a divine aroma.

In collaboration with prominent, award winning Indigenous artist, Zachary Bennett-Brooks, from Saltwater Dreamtime. Keiora Candles have produced authentic indigenous artwork on a beautiful souvenir tin.

It is a well-known fact that scent is our strongest memory trigger. It is hard to believe

Bespoke, authentic Indigenous artwork adorn these beautiful souvenir soy candle tins.that before Keiora Candles, the souvenir industry lacked such a product.

By lighting your souvenir candle, transport yourself back to Bondi Beach, to that Melbourne laneway or The Daintree.

Spoil your friends with tales of the road and ignite their own travel bug as they bask in the glorious scents of Keiora Candles’ Australiana Travel Tins.

Produced by Saltwater Dreamtime in Dharawal Country, Wollongong, NSW each souvenir candle tin tells a story.

Inspired by the blue ocean and sandy sea floor, Saltwater Dreamtime’s artwork speaks directly to the traveler.

Based on the idea of meeting places and working together positively and in harmony, it is the very essence of traveling.

Inspired by the ocean, each tin symbolises meeting places and harmony with others.When you are buying an Australiana Travel Tin you know you are purchasing true indigenous artwork supporting a local artist and their work. Keiora Candles also donate some of their profits to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Online shopping, international shipping and payment options mean you can easily restock when you feel a little “homesick” for that Australian vacation.

Keiora Candles have found their niche in the candle industry. Unique souvenir, bespoke travel tins, authentic indigenous artwork, and some profits go to a charity. Could you buy a better souvenir?

Buy your Keiora Candles Australiana Travel Tin here.



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